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SketchHood is a local multiplayer VR experience, where two players can simultaneously interact with each other and the environment. One player has the Oculus Rift and the other player has the HTC Vive, both use one controller of the HTC Vive.

The experience is that the players will get a assignment where they have to repaint a painting as it is shown. They will get 60 seconds to complete the task and will get feedback and points afterwards. The players have to paint on the canvas but are able to draw outside the lines, they can paint the whole room and even on each other.

The other team members are Bodhi Donselaar and Jeffrey Scheidelaar, also from the HKU and we created this VR game because we thought VR is a very anti social medium and wanted to create something that brings people together. Outsiders can watch the game from the inspector on a screen while the players are playing the game. We also want to add features in the future where outsiders can manipulate the game.

Since the project was a huge succes during the showcase at the HKU we decided as group to continue with the game to use it for future events. I, as the artist , want to continue with the art and concept as my graduation project starting januari 2017.

I did all the art for the game, I made the 3D art, 2D art and even did project managing. The textures in the game are all hand-painted wishing the painting engine.


vr1 vr2


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