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Project Conflux


Conflux is a 3D First Person puzzle/adventure game made by team Sempilus. The player sees objects projected on walls or other objects in the game and the player has to view the projection from a specific angle to make them appear in the game and interact with them. The player has to use this mechanic in all the levels in different ways.
We worked on this game for 7 weeks as a school project. After the 7 weeks we had to present the game to the students, teachers and Boris van der Ven from GameKings and they would choose the best concept/game. We won the project and ended up first. After that we had a live twitch stream with GameKings to show the game.

My role in the project was: Project leader, Designer and 3D artist.

I helped design the idea and mechanic for the game, I leaded the group and prevented slacking, and I made a few 3D models for the game.



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